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I would have looked for you at the meetings. O'Donnell gave precipitously; Donna her dresser and Joey her warm-up guy came up on stage and received the Emmys she recently won. Then she gave Joey a fishing boat, Then Donna a PT Cruiser and rounded it off by giving everyone in the audience a good-bye bags that contained - yes - Tivo 2's - the world's greatest invention.

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Or so they say. Rosie has done for Broadway what Oprah Winfrey did for books, so it was just fitting that John Lithgow, star of "Sweet Smell of Success," gave her a present on behalf of every show and theater on Broadway. This is the biggest gay celebration since Liza's wedding! From start to finish, she let everyone know what excited and irritated her. Her fervor for both Tom Cruise and Barbra Streisand eventually got both to appear on her show. Nathan then brought out "Shane," a guy who looked like he'd escaped from Chippendale's.

Then, "Drop and give me twenty, Shane! Drop and I'll give you twenty! Daytime talk usually isn't so edgy but today Rosie could have picked up a KMart. Even though she's famous, Rosie is one of us - unlike Oprah or Martha. While they are perfectly perfect females who are so computer corrected on the covers of their magazines that they look like they have plastic skin, Rosie looks real.

Extremely real - its a real shame that her Rosie magazine has taken a huge dive in sales after she announced her lesbianism, which seems to me like the viewers she courted were conservative right that rejected her after she showed them her true self. Now where's the remote control? He needs his family around. Rosie had filled in as a guest cohost on Live with Regis and Kathie Lee.


She was intrigued by the more laid-back lifestyle of a morning talk show host, so she could have afternoons and evenings free to spend with her son. Did she really need a cohost? She promised not to stoke any controversies. The pitch attracted widespread interest around Hollywood.

More money than a human needs in a lifetime. Producers arrived through unconventional routes. Some came from magazines, with the flawed thinking that journalists could help pre-interview guests. Others were comedian friends that Rosie had met on the nightclub circuit.

Rosie had only one choice for her executive producer. When she had appeared on Late Night with David Letterman to do stand-up comedy, she felt safe with a young producer named Daniel Kellison. I hate everyone else. Caissie St.

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Rosie broke the ice by complimenting St. Onge, telling her that she reminded her of her little sister Maureen. Rosie was up-front with her colleagues about who she was. This is She never pretended that she was sleeping with men. Even when she discussed her crush on Cruise, she made it clear that she had no sexual interest in him. On the morning of June 10, , at a.

The tourists in her studio were bribed into clapping with free gifts books, CDs, Broadway tickets and snacks — such as the Ding Dongs and chocolate milk under their chairs to keep them caffeinated. In later seasons, the prizes got bigger. She would tell us to go back and get the car they wanted. Each morning, three producers checked her desk, to make sure all her props were in order. She loved to mouth along to the words whenever she felt inspired. Each episode began with an introduction from a member of the audience.

Rosie called this part of the show chuffa, a term she borrowed from director Garry Marshall that referred to actors filling in their dialogue on the day of a scene. Finally, it was time for the interviews—a roster of three or four guests that ranged from genuine stars to nostalgia TV. She launched her first show with George Clooney after calling in a favor to Warner Bros.


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She was an overnight hit. I saw what happened with her and people. She would take that extra minute; she would remember them. They felt they were her. It made networks reevaluate what the stay-at-home moms wanted to see. Even Oprah had to rejigger the content of her show, covering fewer tabloid stories and more celebrity interviews — and products, such as her annual Christmas list of favorite things.

She was also a tastemaker. After she showed her audience a Tickle Me Elmo doll, it became the sold-out holiday toy of , fetching thousands of dollars on eBay. She sang songs about getting a mammogram for breast cancer month, which saved lives. She conducted one of the first interviews in the US with J. Rowling, after Rosie discovered Harry Potter before the rest of us.

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At the end of their talk, she gave Rowling a home computer a Mac desktop because Rosie felt bad that the future billionaire wrote her novels in longhand. DeGeneres came out in , which marked a turning point in the culture.

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She arrived in the studio at a. So did the people around her, which could be grueling for a staff largely composed of nocturnal animals. Even as she hosted a live TV show, she kept an eye on the monitors behind the cameras at all times, calling out which shots she wanted with her own unique hand gestures. She cycled through four directors in her first seven months. Rosie was furious one day when a producer patched in a call from the mayor of Philadelphia, who was supposed to offer her the keys to the city.

This turned out to be a prank. The voice on the other end was Captain Janks from Howard Stern, who berated her. She was devastated that her team had let the call through without properly vetting it. Mega stardom had other drawbacks. The paparazzi would stalk her on vacations. When she returned to work, Kellison pulled out a tabloid that had run the photographs. She fired Kellison and replaced him with McLoughlin, who lasted a year before going back to Los Angeles to Telepictures. Rosie told St.

Onge that she stressed her out as an assistant, but Rosie eventually let her audition as a writer, where she thrived.