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Other Authors Welham, Jacqui.

Subjects Crabb, Lionel, -- Death and burial. Crabb, Lionel, b.

Crabb, Lionel, ? Espionage, British. Underwater demolition teams -- Great Britain.

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Disappeared persons -- Great Britain. Great Britain -- Foreign relations -- Soviet Union. Soviet Union -- Foreign relations -- Great Britain.

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Great Britain -- Foreign relations -- Soviet Union -- Foreign relations -- Notes Formerly CIP. I will give away 50 copies of my novel Death of a Scientist at the Charroux event, first come — first served. A secret plan to carry out an illegal or harmful act with political motivation to plot and the act of making such plans in secret. The belief that a government or a covert organisation is responsible for an unusual or unexplained event.

The Crabb Enigma

Skip to content Having been commissioned and published with mainstream publishers on topics of the Military, Law and Management, Mike decided to divert to a more to fiction. It was missing its head and both hands, which made it impossible to identify using then-available technology. An inquest jury returned an open verdict but the coroner announced that he was satisfied that the body was that of Lionel Crabb.

As information was declassified under the year rule new facts on Crabb's disappearance came to light. On 27 October , The National Archives released papers relating to the fatal Ordzhonikidze mission.

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The ship operated in the conflict against the Netherlands over West Papua, and was later used as floating detention centre for suspected communists during the Indonesian killings of — The cruiser was scrapped in In a interview Joseph Zwerkin, a former member of Soviet Naval intelligence who had moved to Israel after the breakup of the Soviet Union, claimed that the Soviets had noticed Crabb in the water and that a Soviet sniper had shot him. Official government documents regarding Crabb's disappearance are not scheduled to be released until On 16 November , the BBC and the Daily Mirror reported that Eduard Koltsov, a Soviet frogman , claimed to have caught Crabb placing a mine on the Ordzhonikidze hull near the ammunition depot and cut his throat.

In an interview for a documentary film, Koltsov showed the dagger he allegedly used in a Russian documentary as well as an Order of the Red Star medal that he claimed to have been awarded for the deed. Kerans and later in Marcus Lipton submitted proposals to re-open the case but were rebuffed.

Various people speculated that Crabb had been killed by some secret Soviet underwater weapon; that he had been captured and imprisoned in Lefortovo prison with prison number , that he had been brainwashed to work for the Soviet Union to train their frogman teams; that he had defected and became a commander in the Soviet Navy ; [13] that he was in the Soviet Special Task Underwater Operational Command in the Black Sea Fleet; or that MI6 had asked him to defect so he could become a double agent.

Binding wrote a fictionalised account of Crabb's life, Man Overboard which was published by Picador in This would have been embarrassing for the UK — Crabb being an acknowledged war hero. Knowles has suggested that MI5 set up the mission to the Ordzhonikidze specifically to murder Crabb, and supplied Crabb with a new diving partner who was under orders to kill him. Binding stated Knowles alleged that he was ordered by MI5 to identify the body found as Crabb, when he knew it was definitely not Crabb. Knowles went along with the deception. Knowles has also alleged that his life was threatened in Torremolinos in , at a time when Knowles was in discussions with a biographer.

About the claims that Crabb was planning to defect to the Soviet Union, Reg Vallintine of the Historical Diving Society was quoted as saying:"Diving historians find it very hard to believe that this man, who prided himself on being a patriot, would have seriously considered defecting.

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Crabb was very fond of being a hero, and it is hard to imagine him jeopardising that status. The British diving expert Rob Hoole wrote in that Crabb had probably died of oxygen poisoning or perhaps carbon dioxide poisoning, and that Crabb's age and poor health caused by his heavy drinking and smoking had made him unsuitable for the mission that he had been assigned. Sign In Don't have an account? For the American swimmer and actor, see Buster Crabbe.

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