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Maybe there is enough joy in being a few women singing in the church basement on Tuesday nights.

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I told my friend just that, when she admitted that she was afraid to meditate, because she was afraid of what God might ask of her. And she was already doing everything God might ask of her.

God would be so much easier on her than she is on herself, I kept saying. It was a credible sermon.

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But if God is good, if he really can be trusted, he can use even my misperceptions of my closest friends and acquaintances to teach me more about myself. He can use my complaints, my dumb lipstick, and all the futile exercises in the house of the Lord for ends I will never know. The Resurrection, then, is not a journey upwards or outwards to some place on the exterior of existence, but rather towards the center of being, which is him—only him. And that is where I want to go, to feel myself and my bad feelings dissolved and usurped by his all-encompassing goodness.

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