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But they are not nearly as bad as when you used to be a pessimist and victim.

Les Brown - Stop Negative Thinking and Believe in Yourself

You can toss or dissolve small problems aside when before they used to mean the end of the world. When in the heck would I ever thought that me, a pessimist and negative person would ever do such a thing one day? You just have to look for it, find it, and apply it no matter your situation in your life right now. Take an example of a wealthy man that may be currently the victim of a agonizing and additionally chronic disease as the result of gluttony. He has been ready to contribute a large amount of money to get rid of it, and yet definitely not give up his gluttonous cravings.

He definitely wants to satisfy his enjoyment for abundant and artificial foods and absolutely have his health also. This kind of individual is entirely unfit of having future health, as he has not yet discovered the essentials concepts associated with a healthy life style. There is an employer that enters into twisted actions in avoiding paying of the legally required salary, and, hoping of constructing a lot more cash, lessens the income of his employees. This man is completely unfitted to prosper.

And whenever he discovers himself broke, in regards to reputation and wealth, he places blame outside circumstances, not understanding that he is the only creator of his condition. As you can clearly see from these previous examples; that although it is almost always subconsciously, we are the cause of our own circumstances. Even though we mean for great and good results in the end we continually halt or frustrate our achievements by growing thoughts and desires that are not in harmony with our end results.

These examples can be replicated with so many variations you can definitely see it if you have doubts yet I dont think its necessary. You can find and if you pay attention notice the effects of the thoughts that go in your mind and life, once you do this you will realize that simple external circumstances are not the real responsible ones for when it comes to seeing them that way as you may be interpreting them at this moment.

Your circumstances are difficult to understand as your thoughts are almost hard-wired in your mind not to mention the variations of happiness is so large www. You can be sincere and honest in some things but experience hardships and deprivations; you can also be dishonest in some things alike but get your hands on wealth and get good things. The beliefs that arise as a result of this is that you fail because you were being honest, or that you prosper because you were dishonest, but these beliefs are superficial which then leads to the beliefs that if you are insincere are then completely corrupt or that if you are sincere are exclusively respectable.

But theres a lot of error in these beliefs as you could be insincere but possess admirable qualities that a sincere person does not possess, or be sincere but have hateful qualities that another doesnt have.

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Regardless of whether you are more of an insincere or sincere individual, it really comes down to your thoughts and actions, and likewise will produce in your life your own misery and bliss. It can be really satisfying for your ego to think that you suffer because of your good moral quality. But it is not until you have removed all weak, bitter, and poisoned thinking from your mind, cleaning the negatives from your being that will you find yourself in a position to know and affirm that your suffering is a result of your positive and not your negative qualities.

As you strive for excellence you will find within your mind and life a great law of the universe that is just and cannot give good for bad or bad for good. Once you are aware of this knowledge, you will now look to your past to all your ignorance and how you walked blind, that your life has been and was always just, realizing that all your past experiences and circumstances whether positive or negative were evenly handed due to your developing yet undeveloped being.

Positive thoughts and actions will never create negative results and negative thoughts and actions can never create good results. All this means is that you cannot create something else other than apples from apples or corn from corn, sure you can create a tortilla, but corn it remains, and all of us understand this by nature of our reality but only a few understand it from a our mind world.

Learn the discoveries I made that got me out of a hole and catapulted me into a life striving for success and abundance, through the power of positive thinking and more Flag for inappropriate content.

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Buscar dentro del documento. You are the maker of yourself. Whichever way you resist your results with; you only call more on those results and keep attracting more of the same On the light from this reality, exactly what, now, may be the meaning of "battling against circumstances"? Abdullah Kilawi. Joshua A Cripe. Yolo County Resource Conservation District.

Ankur PateL. William Carvajal. Robert Joseph R. Bob Cob. Ramiz Keyra. The Vimokkha Online Journal. Cinthya Soledad Olivera Angeles. Dicky Masters. Rica Marcial. Vivekananda Kendra. Zahida Mariyam. Mejia Moreno Bren. Rukaiya Usman. Firra Astria Noezar. Trivial Tales of Everyday Madness 1: Two very different worlds. Deep Mandalia. Andrey B-tribe. Michel Duran. Nicola Duke. Popular en Science And Technology. Chandan Dutta. Stalin Ramesh. Simon Rea. Noah Shaver. Muhammad Sadique Qureshi. Ramesh Roy. Yes, those are all nice things. And we should do those as well but if that is what you consider Amazing then our bar has definitely been lowered.

Sorry Raymmar, you might want to check to see if you have drank the coolaid. There literally is no such thing as amazing, or beautiful, or greatness. These are illusions. Illusions created by people who have a stake in outcomes, or in other words, created by those who have a horse in the race.

The Truth about Insecurities

There is no lower bar or upper bar. For example, beauty as is amazingness is in the eye of the beholder. Nothing in creation is more amazing or greater than any other thing, only that you attach meaning to it does any of these illusions exist. But, this literal truth is so far off from the American storyline we are all brainwashed with, that it is not recognizable. And the interesting thing is, it does not matter how many people you can get to agree w you, majority does not create truth.

I loved your rubics cube story A LOT…so much that I sent it to my 14 year old daughter because you succinctly put ideas I want her to learn in under 3 minutes that it would take me eons to convey. Thanks for that.

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And he was not that smart. He could not figure out that getting ahead at other peoples expense is not something you can hide from everybody. I agree that what happens in our heads is what we perceive as reality.

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My point was that we are so often satisfied with the status quo for fear of failing. We no longer push ourselves or others to do more with the skills they were given. As for jobs, I admire what he did and I see a lot of myself in him. That being said, I have a lot of role models and influencers. None of which is the be all end all in my life.

I take influence and opinions of others and dissect them into my own. I explore the success and failures of others and try to break it down in relation to what I am working on and see how I can learn from their experiences. I am a creative explorer and I love to look at the world around me for what it is, not for what I want it to be and that is something that many people miss out on. This entire website is about getting people to ask hard questions. About themselves, the world and the way they interact with it. This was not about that though. IT was about putting your best foot forward.

And anyone can do that, secular, religious and otherwise. The infinitely dynamic spread of life and matter is amazingly intriguing and to even be considering it is important. Regardless of what outcome an individual comes to, the quest for the answer is so often the only important part.

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Enter some quote about this being about the journey, not the destination. Most of all because the advice typically has less to do with motivating other people than it does with the blogger telegraphically explaining why his life is so awesome and fulfilling. Want to do something amazing with your life? Do something anything really for itself alone.

Get over yourself. This blog was not about me. It was about the constant struggle, internal or otherwise, to be the best version of yourself possible. I actually think its funny that the people who criticize it cannot see that. Probably because they are too worried about pretending they are better than everyone else to see when someone is walking around emotionally naked right in front of them. How is it not about you?