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God is glorified when we bear fruit John and looking ahead in John we have been appointed to bear fruit. God is the master gardener and He prunes us by making each cut count so we will bear more fruit Galatians God trims away all things in our life that would block the sunlight and air the Word and the Spirit from getting to the branch, so the fruit becomes more visible.

What Does It Mean to ‘Abide in Christ’? // Ask Pastor John

Pruning is painful and something we wouldn't choose on our own. It is the truth that purges him. The Scripture made living and powerful by the Holy Spirit eventually and effectively cleanses the Christian. The only way a grapevine can produce quality grapes is by careful pruning by a vinedresser who loves and cares well for the plants. Our Father is the Vinedresser who always does what is best for the branches, he tends us, sends us spiritual nutrition, prunes and cuts off whatever is hindering us from bearing more fruit.

Abide means to be held, kept continually and to dwell, remain, be present. So how do we do this? How do we abide and dwell, live with and make our home with Christ? I love this definition below:. Christ abides in us when His Word abides in us! The Word must abide in us if it is going to bear the fruit of trust and obedience, and the character of Christ — the fruit of the Spirit — in our lives.

The secret of fruit-bearing can be summed up in one word, obedience John There is no other way to be a fruit bearer or happy in Jesus and the song Trust and Obey come into my mind at this moment. Why obey God? Because it is the place where true life and union with Him is found. The word joy in John means cheerfulness, calm delight, and gladness. There is no reason you should ever be envious of the size or the budget or the buildings a church down the street because God is the One who brings fruit.

It is our job and our mission to abide in Him, right? He bears the fruit. The same thing in your Sunday School class or your ministry or your school or your work place. God is the One who brings the fruit. Our job is to abide. So the first thing is, He will produce fruit. The second thing is, our fruit will prove we are saved. Look at what He says, Verse 8. When you produce much fruit, you prove you are My disciples. It is because we have already done those things that people say, wow, that Brother is a believer, that Sister is a believer. He gives these two paths.

We have found the path of bearing fruit. So He says, here is the deal, when you abide in Me and My Word remains in you, two things will happen. Here they are. Here are the two benefits of abiding in Christ. Here are the two results of a fruitful life.

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This is audience participation part. And what Jesus says is, if you remain in Me and remain in My Word. Those two terms are synonymous. Those phrases are synonymous. And what Jesus is saying is, the more you get into the Word and the Word gets into you, the more you want to obey the Word and the more you will look like Me.

And abiding and prayer go together. The more you abide, the more you want to what? And the more you pray, the more you want to abide. And then the more you abide, the more you want to pray and the more you pray, the more you want to abide. It is kind of this circular process that happens in your life. And the life of a Christian should always be maturing to graduate beyond childish things to the things that really matter to God.

My Dad loves cars. And he loved cars. He loved to race cars, he loved to fix cars, he repaired cars. But I was a child growing up and I never really liked cars, big cars. But I liked Hot Wheels. I liked Big Wheels, right? I liked model cars. And my Dad, bless his heart, would in humility, he would stoop down at the table when I was a little boy and he would play with the little Hot Wheel cars and he would help me put the models together and I would glue fingers together and try to Exacta knife them apart. And he would pray when I would do that. And we would do those things together and he loved doing those things with me.

2. Respond to God’s Previous Working with Faith and Works

When I wanted to soup up my scooter and make it fast, my Dad would put pin stripes on it. But he longed for the day when I would graduate from childish things to more mature things. And there came a day when I got to be about 17 or 18 when I liked real cars, right? I liked V8s and hot rods.

I liked fast cars. And so he and I got to work together for years as we worked at his shop.

And we went to Car Shows together and we fixed cars. We bought cars together, went to auctions together and he enjoyed that time because I got to a place of maturity where we shared the same heart. Friends, God will bow down to you when you first come to Him with childish things, selfish prayers. He will bow down in humility and serve you, listen to you and spend time with you. But He longs for the day when you graduate beyond childish things to things that matter to Him. When was the last time you said to God, God, place on my heart the things that matter to you?

God, show me the things that burden Your heart?

That is how most of our prayer lives are. But God desires a place where we get to where we say, God, listen, it is not just about what I desire. You show me what You want for my life. I am listening. You direct my path, God. Prayer is not trying to convince a good God to do things that you want Him to do. And you know the beautiful things why Jesus can say, ask anything when you want when you abide in Me, because the more you abide in God, guess what, your prayers become His prayers. Your heart becomes His heart. So the first blessing of a life abiding in Christ is, your prayers will be answered.

What Does it Mean to Abide in Christ?

But secondly, more importantly is, we live a life of glorification to God. We glorify God. Look how Jesus finishes.

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I mean, as a Christian, we have no room, we have no platform to take credit for it, to take pride in. God owns the vineyard, not us.

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He bought the land, not us. He planted the vines, not us. He planted the vine where He wanted the vines to be planted. Listen, He put you in a vineyard that He picked for you.

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He tilled the ground. He watered the plants. He pulled the weeds. He tended the garden. He pulled the fruit and He reaped the harvest. So it only makes sense for us to know that God is the One who gets the credit for this, not us. He did all the work. Because He produced the fruit.